2018 Conference Recap

"Great time again and a plea to not ending this great conference or changing it to every two years! We phenomenal rural women gain so much, educationally, emotionally and physically from this event. People who have never attended before this year were so very pleasantly surprised at the content and fun they had in the 24 hours we attended. I know the weather is always an issue; but we live in the great State of SD that offers us so much variety, we are accustomed to it! Thanks to the committee for the awesome keynote speaker, Katie Pinke and for presenting us with the opportunity for the 15th year to give to ourselves a great gift of self-preservation!"

Dar Engelmeyer - facebook

"I can remember my very first conferences as a newcomer to the farming world, it was the WIBJ that helped an isolated young woman realize she wasn't alone that others truly have the same experiences, and challenges that farming and ranching offers. You learned bookkeeping, marketing, insurance, along with woman issues, and pampering us for a few hours.It changed my life in many ways. And still today when I live with the boys, it is nice to be among women to learn, share a few tears for our fellow sisters as they share their stories and laugh. And now years later I am learning how to pass on a farm we worked so hard to build. Can not express enough what WIBJ has done for my life. The women that share so much of their time to help the rest of us, and to the sponsors, God Bless You All..."

Deb Schultz - facebook